Why is seo in vancouver important

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According to Google, about 3.5 billion people use SEO techniques every day. In fact, most people on the planet turn to Google first if they want to buy something or ask a question! get
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This means that the audience clicks are very valuable and if you can keep your site in higher rankings, you will get more clicks. Easy! Be with us in the continuation of the article on SEO techniques

Different types of seo in vancouver

In order to fully understand what seo in vancouver means, you must first know its methods. SEO techniques can

be done in different ways: white hat, black hat and gray hatWhat is White Hat SEO? White hat SEO or ethical SEO refers to a set of methods and techniques that have been introduced by search engines to increase the ranking of sites. These methods increase the site’s ranking naturally and legally
The most appropriate point of all kinds of SEO methods is this white hat

Of course, it is also the most difficult and longest method. To have a white hat SEO you have to be patient, always monitor your website and use the right methods. And you will gain prestige and credibility against Google and your position will be proven
What is Black Hat seo in vancouver
Black hat SEO in the sense of circumventing the law and deceiving Google. People who want to quickly reach high rankings have found a number of fraudulent methods and shortcuts to deceive Google. There is a tough fight going on between Black Hat SEOs and Google. Whatever counterfeit method they find, Google will find a way to identify it
This process has made Google more active every day. By using this type of SEO techniques, you may be able to be in the first ranks for a few days, but you will definitely have a problem. Based on the fact that you lose your prestige and prestige on Google

What is Gray Hat seo in vancouver
This point from the list of SEO methods is also a continuation of SEOs’ fight with Google. Gray hat SEO in the sense that we bypass Google, but in a way that it does not notice and with less error! In short, gray hats are suitable as long as To be hidden
Note that this can only be done by highly qualified SEOs and should not be approached by others. Because it puts their site at risk

What are the types of SEO methods?

Do you know what are the most appropriate SEO techniques for the site and to which groups it is divided? SEO has two general groups: that page and off page, internal optimization and external optimization, and each of these groups must be done in specific ways

What is internal site SEO

They refer to the optimization of the internal pages of the site, internal SEO or that page. This activity helps search engines identify the internal pages of your site and understand how useful it is to your audience. To do internal site SEO, you must pay attention to many details

What is the role of SEO in designing a site

Note that some of these items and processes are good to consider when designing a site. A site with a user-friendly structure will make Google crawlers more satisfied.
Website page (url) optimization
Google pays attention to the URLs of all pages on the site. The shorter, more readable and relevant these URLs are, the better. Follow us in the rest of our SEO Techniques article
Keyword research
The meaning of keyword research is to evaluate what words users use to search for their needs on the Internet. With this research, you can tailor the content of the site to the needs of the users. There are different tools for finding these words

SEO title optimization meta title

The title of SEO techniques is another name for the headline that appears on the Google page. Choose an interesting title that uses the key cancellation key. Select this title with less than 55 words and tag it with H1
Text structure optimization

You do this by using H1, H2, H3, and… headings. The title is marked with H1, the main headings with H2 and their sub-headings with H3 and.. This activity will both help Google better understand the structure of your text and help your audience see better order in your writing

Optimization of inline texts

The concept of inline text is the links that you put in the text. These links must be related to the title and the keyword used in them
Meta description optimization
A meta description is the text that appears on Google search pages. In the past, the number of words in this text was about 155, but now this number has decreased. In the meta description, you should explain the content of the page to the users by using simple and fluent keywords

Keyword density optimization

You do not need to fill in the text with keywords. Distribute the words in the text in such a way that both the user and Google understand your meaning. Text that is full of keywords and meaningless sentences is not considered useful content for the audience

In-site linking

Link building is a sensitive topic. Part of it is related to linking to the products and internal pages of the site and another part is also related to linking to other websites that are related to the title. There are concerns about this second part. You may be worried about advertising for a competitor site
But you should be careful that you also link the content of your page to that other relevant site, and even Google may find that your site has richer content.

Schema symbol codes

Use these codes to let Google know what this section of your website is all about. You can see a list of these codes at schema.org

Optimize photos and images

You may be wondering what is the effect of photos and images on SEO techniques? The problem is that the size of the site photos affects the upload speed and the upload speed on SEO! No users are bored of sites that open slowly. There are various tools and sites that can help you reduce the size of your images without compromising quality

Another important thing is to choose the right title and alt tag for the images, which helps Google understand the title of the image and how it relates to the text

Responsive or responsive site

The concept of a responsive site is a website that adapts itself to all devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and more. In this case, the audience can see the images and posts correctly with any device that enters the site
External seo in vancouver of the site

External link building

The concept of external linking is the same as getting backlinks. You can provide rich content that other sites use from your site article and link to it as a source, or increase your site ranking by buying spam links! This is the second point of the black hat methods that we have mentioned that it does not have a good end

Social media activity

What is the effect of social media presence on SEO techniques? There are two major benefits to working with social media. First, you link to your site by publishing content in these media. Another important condition is that by working on social media, you establish a closer relationship with users
They read, talk about, and share your page content. With this activity, you have actually branded

How to gain Google trust

Google trusts your site in three ways
Site Reputation: A site that provides relevant and useful content, is regularly updated, and receives various links is considered valid by Google
History or life of the site: A site that has been active for a long time and has more credibility than young sites
SSL Certificate: This certificate must be obtained from the hosting company. There are many explanations that we will deal with later. For now, know that having this certificate indicates that the information of the audience on your site will be secure
What effect does user behavior have on SEO? The goal of any business is to attract users. Google is no exception to this principle, it is trying hard to attract users and has been successful in this area so far. Audiences will be satisfied with a search engine when it provides the most relevant and relevant results. These results are obtained by evaluating the behavior of the audience


Google has access to a variety of resources to evaluate audience behavior. Many of the company’s products are used in people’s daily lives and a lot of information is extracted from them. The behavior of the audience on the results page is also monitored by Google: Will their needs be met by entering high-ranking sites
Do they click less on the results? Return to the results page? Go to other pages? And 4. The ranking algorithm is responsible for the optimal use of search results and performs this activity by evaluating the behavior of the audience. This algorithm evaluates how much time your audience spends on a particular site
And what percentage of the audience clicks on the link of a specific site when searching. Imagine a website with which the audience interacts well. They enter the site through search results, when they spend a lot on the page, they go to other pages and و. All of these points are signals to Google that this website is useful for the user
By these definitions, user satisfaction is also an important criterion in SEO. It is necessary to design the structure and appearance of the site correctly and in accordance with the principles of UI and UX, and the content of the pages should be useful and appropriate to satisfy the audience and, as a result, Google. Be with us in the content of SEO techniques

What are the SEO results

SEO techniques are done with the aim of aligning a website with the rules and principles of Google in order to gain better ranking and more visits by gaining the trust and increasing the credibility of the site in the search engine. Getting to the Google homepage is a great guarantee for online businesses. Based on research done
More than 90% of the audience that searches for a word or phrase in Google, make their decision by visiting the same 10 links on the first page, and only less than 10% refer to the second page. At the same time, more than 70% of Tankha viewers view the top 3 sites in the results. This statistic shows the importance of SEO and being on

the first page of Google

Well, we hope that with this definition, you have fully understood what SEO is and you know the types of SEO methods. With practice and repetition, you can master the basics of SEO techniques. Remember that you need to keep yourself updated and use the latest SEO methods on your site

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